Trinity 500

T500 Hull


You must contact Head of Logistics & Trading (SCC) at Sea Cadet Stores (Tel 02392 727281 ) prior to making a purchase or your order will be cancelled. Only available to Sea Cadet Units.

The advertised price is a concessionary price offered to Sea Cadet units only. For all other enquiries please phone for a price. 

Fixed seat rowing boat, purpose built for the Sea Cadets in order to deliver the SCC Rowing Scheme.

The Trinity 500 can also be fitted with an outboard motor bracket suitable for 2.5hp engine.

Maintenance and Storage.

Due to the nature of the construction, the Trinity 500 requires very little maintenance.

If the boat is left in the water for long periods it is recommended that it should be removed every couple of months for the hull to be cleaned.

The Trinity comes with a purpose built launching trolley, which fully supports the length of the boat. This should be utilised when the boat is ashore in order to support and maintain the shape of the hull.

Note - The T500 mould is unique to the Sea Cadets and frequency of use coupled with moulding techniques often result in minor cosmetic imperfections in the hull texture i.e. stippling or similar, leaving a rough finish. This in no way impact on the hull which is structurally sound, but is unavoidable. 


Hull, 3 layer polyethylene, 180 kg total

Moulded-in Graphics (CE Plate, 2 x Wave, 2 x Sea Cadet, 2 x Trinity 500)

Moulded-in inserts (Inc 11 Big Head)

4 x Thwart seats, total 16 kg

1 x Rudder Including 2 x Gudgeon, 2 x Pintle, 2 x Packing Piece 1.8mm


1 x 2.5m 1.5mm 8plt Black Rope (Rowlocks)1 x Split Ring and Rope 2mm For Rudder
1 x Folding Pad eye Bow1 x Outboard Bracket Insert
9 x Eye Loop

Keel Band (New length and inc S/S 10" Stern protector)

4 x 1.3/4" Tube c/w caps (stretchers)4 x Fairleads
11 x rowlock sockets3 x Cleats
5 x Rowlocks2 x Hatches
1 x Drain bung1 x Cork
Fixing screws2 x Righting line Rope 10mm 3 m
1 x Bow Rope 10 mm 1m1 x Launching Trolley
*** 5 x Sea Oars (not designed for racing)

*** This is a standard Sea Grade Oar and is not bespoke to the Trinity 500. Warranty details for the oars can be found in the detailed advertisement for the T500 Oar.

NOTE: A purpose built road trailer is not available for the T500 Hull (the trailer in the image is not included in the purchase).

Manufacturing will commence when a minimum of 20 orders are received. A maximum of 25 may be produced.

Orders for the next batch of T500 are now being accepted.

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